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We believe that a lifetime of excellence begins early. Our academic curriculum and arts enrichment lessons prepare your child for a successful future. If you’re looking for a private school (or an alternative to child care) that provides your preschooler with extraordinary enrichment, you've found the right place.  Welcome to a safe, vibrant environment where your child’s talents, curiosity, and intellect are nurtured every day. The Academy offers your child an advanced academic curriculum + an amazing enrichment program. Research shows that participating in the arts enhances academic achievement and improves test scores. Your child will perform piano recitals and learn a foreign language (as studies suggest pre-k is the ideal time to start). Our curriculum includes comprehensive academics, martial arts, Mandarin Chinese, visual arts, theater, creative technology, gymnastics, music, voice, applied sciences & more. The enrichment we offer has been scientifically validated to improve academic and social outcomes, raise IQ, and set the stage for future financial and academic success. Our programs are designed to give bright & gifted students from Herriman, Riverton, South Jordan, Sandy Utah and beyond, the resources and opportunities needed to unlock their true potential.

“I am not a teacher, but an awakener.” - Robert Frost

Better Than Child Care.
Beyond Preschool.

Comments from Academy Families

"I love that my daughter is starting to speak Chinese. She told me that I have a very clean "wabaloo" (microwave). I love it when she sings in Chinese. She taught me how to play my first song on the piano. She was so excited when I got the song right, she clapped and said, "Good job mommy!" It's so nice to hear her practice in her room while singing along. She loves art and science and Mr. Brian is her favorite teacher. She asked me if I knew what a symbiotic relationship was. (No). She loves karate and uses her hamper and kicks it all over the house. She talks about Ms. Teri and Ms. Colleen all of the time. She loves learning new songs and sings them quite a bit. I have seen a lot of improvement socially and academically." -Brenda Benalcazar

"I love the staff, I love the fact that I can peek on my kids anytime I want, I love that they feed them organic foods, I just LOVE Daybreak Academy!" - Celeste Bruening

"The staff is wonderful and the enrichment lessons are better than any offering we've experienced elsewhere. The facilities are great, the staff is responsive and we feel that our kids are thriving and personally recognized and valued." - 10/29/2013 Hummingbird Parent Read more...